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p. Henryka M. Przewłockiego.   

pt. "Selected characterization methods of materials and devices developed in our institute", 

który odbędzie się dnia 22 Listopada 2017, o godzinie 11:00 w Sali Konferencyjnej Laboratorium Fizyki Neutronowej (3 piętro)

Organizatorem wykładu jest Laboratorium Fizyki Neutronowej Zjednoczonego Instytutu Badań Jądrowych w Dubnej.

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November 07, 2017 (Tuesday), 11 00, FLNP Conference hall (3rd floor)


Activities of the research group responsible in the Institute of Electron Technology for characterization of nanoelectronic materials and devices will be shortly presented indicating our collaboration with various research groups in the US, Europe and Japan. Our activities have been concentrated, but not limited to, on three branches of characterization methods:

  • -       Optical methods (spectroscopic ellipsometry, Raman spectroscopy, spectrophotometry and other)
  • -       Electrical methods (I(V), C(V), G(V) characteristics, admittance spectroscopy, MPAS method and other)
  • -       Photoelectric methods in which we have been most creative, developing new theoretical approaches constituting extensions to the existing theories of photoelectric phenomena in nanoelectronic structures, leading to development of new, extremely sensitive and accurate measurement methods.

Just examples of optical and electrical methods and measurement results will be presented, while a few more comments will be devoted to photoelectric phenomena in nanoelectronic structures and to photoelectric methods of measurement. It will be shown how the extensions of the existing theory, which we have worked out allowed to develop new and valuable measurement methods